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  • Advanced solutions

    Discover TRS Transportkoeling.The creator of advanced, sustainable solutionsin mobile power, refrigeration and heating.
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  • Save fuel and environment

    Whether you are involved in intermodal transport or road transport, with the solutions from TRS you will be saving fuel. That is good news for today but also for the future.
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  • Super silent with high capacity

    The ICELAND is equipped with a scroll compressor. This lowers the sound pressure (PIEK) and dramatically increases the reliability, while maintenance and downtime is reduced.
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  • TRS the innovators

    Focus: cost savings through efficiency, sustainability and environmental friendliness.
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  • Carrier acquires TRS

    Strengthens offer for energy-efficient and sustainable refrigeration solutions with hydro-electric technology for engineless transport cooling.
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Transport refrigeration


Save fuel and weight and respect the environment.                                      TRS specialises in the development and production of refrigeration systems for road transport. Using the very efficient truck engine means our systems save fuel. The low weight and the use of modern technology are important in this.

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Low noise level and less maintenance. Quiet, fuel efficient and always delivering plenty of power. TRS is specialized in developing and producing 400 Volt power systems for road transport. A distinctive feature of the units is the hydraulic drive of the generator. The GenSet thus makes use of the efficient, clean truck engine.

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Tank containers


Save space, weight and costs with the TRS container units. The TRS container units are specially designed to fit within the constraints of the ISO 20” framework of the tank container. The units are all robustly finished with stainless steel doors and galvanised frames and all deliver very high refrigeration and/or heating capacities.

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